V (GFO) Vegetable Tom Yum *
assorted vegetables and mushrooms in veggie broth,
flavored with lemongrass, lime juice and chili

V (GFO) Mushroom Tom Kah *
mushroom, tomatoes, and green onions in a coconut base,
flavored with galanga, lemongrass, lime juice and chili

Wonton Soup
stuffed wonton skins (shiitakes & baked tofu,) veggie shrimp,
green onion and spinach in clear vegetable broth

V Bamboo Soup
bamboo, shiitakes, tofu and green onions in tasty gravy soup

V Poh Tak *
veggie shrimp, veggie fish, veggie crab, mushrooms, tomatoes,
green onion and ginger in spicy lemongrass broth

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