V-O Thai Salad
green salad, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, crispy wonton,
egg(optional) and peanut dressing

V (GFO) Tofu Larb Salad *
fried tofu, ground roasted rice, chili flakes, onions,
flavored with lime dressing, served on bed of salad

V Glass Noodle Salad *
tasty glass noodles, veggie shrimp, cilantro, onion, and
cashews in a spicy lime dressing, served on bed of salad

V (GFO) Papaya Salad *
shredded green papaya, long beans, tomatoes, carrots and
crushed peanuts with chili lime dressing

V (GFO) Crispy Rice Salad *
crispy brown rice mixed with fried tofu, ginger, onion,
carrot, and peanuts, with spicy lime dressing

V (GFO) Eggplant Salad *
peeled eggplant topped with diced tofu, garlic, chili,
onions and carrots flavored with chili lime dressing

V (GFO) Khao Yum*
Quinoa, coconut, edamame, red onion, green apple, bean sprouts,
red cabbage, carrot and cucumber surrounding a scoop of pumpkin
rice topped with sesame seeds and served with our homemade
lemongrass dressing

V Tam Khanun* (NEW)
Young jackfruit mixed with Thai spices, tomatoes, kaffir lime leaves
and onions on the lettuce garnished w/the dried onion and dried chili

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